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wellness exams in BainbridgeStaying on top of your pet's health through exams and yearly vaccines is one of the best ways to avoid expensive procedures and treatments in the future. At Bainbridge Animal Hospital, one of the foundations of our approach to care is our wellness monitoring and vaccination services. These are front-line measures in the effort to ensure that your pet is living a comfortable, happy life. For your convenience, our practice offers comprehensive wellness bundles, which include vaccines with pet preventive care, helping to promote your animal's overall well-being.

We are privileged to provide preventive pet care for Bainbridge and the surrounding communities and are excited to provide you and your furry family members with the compassionate, attentive care they deserve. Making a positive difference in pets' lives is something we're passionate about, and we always aim to exceed your expectations when it comes to the services we provide. Contact our friendly staff today and ask how our wellness bundles can get your pet's health on the right track!


Does My Pet Really Need Wellness Exams?

Regular wellness appointments are key to protecting and promoting your animal's health. Not only will wellness checkups help your pet live a long, comfortable life, but they'll also help to save you money in the long run. Our preventive pet care allows our veterinarian to be proactive rather than reactive about your animal's health care.

Animals are often experts at hiding illnesses and pain. Once your pet displays symptoms, it often means their condition has progressed past the point where a simple checkup will be effective. Proactive health and wellness checks are vital to staying on top of your pet's health and keeping them comfortable.

Some of the benefits of wellness exams include:

Detecting & Preventing Health Issues: Our advanced diagnostic tools and experience helps us detect harmful conditions, sometimes even before they affect your pet's quality of life. From issues with their teeth to blood work and getting vaccinations, you can move forward confidently, knowing you're getting precise answers about your pet's health.

Keeping Your Family Safe: We love our pets and love being close to them. However, that closeness can lead to contracting disease if your animal is sick or has not been properly vaccinated to minimize the risk of infection. Our wellness checks and vaccination services will minimize the risk of your pet causing any health problems for you or your family.

Following the Law: Some states and jurisdictions require pets to be vaccinated to some degree. Even if your pet is indoors only, they may be capable of contracting dangerous diseases and viruses. Our team stays up-to-date with the any changes to vaccinations laws and standards to make sure we are complying with legal statutes in your area.

Meeting Your Pet Care Needs

When your pet comes in for their yearly wellness exam, we will begin with a review of their medical history and a thorough examination of their physical condition. Looking closely at their fur, eyes, ears, teeth, gums, limbs, and gait will give us valuable information about their overall health. We'll also feel their abdomen to evaluate the health of their internal organs.

While our veterinarian performs the exam, they will talk to you about your pet's health. We'll discuss things like whether their eating habits have changed, if they're lethargic or not sleeping enough, or any notable differences in aggression or avoidance. Using the information we gather in this exam, we'll formulate a customized treatment plan to help them achieve their optimal health. Our team will also provide you with home-care tips and education regarding diet and exercise, oral health, and parasite prevention so you can be sure you're maintaining and promoting your pet's optimal health between visits.

Parasite Treatment & Yearly Vaccinations

The best way to prevent disease and parasites is to be proactive about getting your pets the vital services they need. Our veterinary team is here for you to provide vaccinations and parasite treatments that minimize the chance that they might contract potentially life-threatening diseases and conditions. Throughout our wellness treatments, we'll inform you about what yearly vaccines are needed and the supplemental treatments we offer to protect your pet best.

We'll also perform blood work if we suspect any underlying conditions are affecting their health that we can't detect with a physical exam alone. We may also perform fecal matter examinations depending on whether we find evidence that they are suffering from internal parasites. However, we will give you sufficient notice and instructions about what we need.

Protecting Your Pet's Well-Being in Bainbridge

At Bainbridge Animal Hospital, we are thankful to be your choice for preventive and advanced veterinary care. We look forward to meeting your family and your pets and assisting you in promoting and maintaining their health for life. Contact us today to discover how pet wellness and vaccinations are some of the best ways to ensure your pet's health and happiness!


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