Compassionate Kitten & Puppy Wellness Exams in Bainbridge

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Whether you've just welcomed a new kitten or puppy into your family, the best way to give them a long and comfortable life is through an initial wellness exam. Although it may seem tempting to put off bringing them to a veterinarian, you can help your pet in more ways than one by scheduling an appointment and allowing us to ensure they start with a clean bill of health. At Bainbridge Animal Hospital, we're proud to provide skilled new kitten and puppy wellness exams. Our exams are comprehensive and cover everything from vaccinations to deworming.

We know pets, especially younger ones, can be fearful or anxious about visiting the veterinarian. That's why our experienced veterinary team uses fear-free handling techniques to help keep your pet calm and relaxed during their visits. Call us today to schedule your pet's first appointment and find out how our Bainbridge kitten and puppy wellness exam can start them off on the right foot!


Why Does My Pet Need a Wellness Exam?

It's normal to question whether a new puppy or kitten exam is necessary for your pet. However, it's important to remember that young pets have developing immune systems and bodies that make them vulnerable to contracting diseases and viruses. By bringing your new pet in for an exam, our team can identify potential health complications, provide treatment, and protect them for the future. Some of the benefits of our new kitten and puppy wellness exams include:

  • Eliminating pain: Although cats and dogs have been domesticated for thousands of years, they retain a primal instinct to hide pain and signs of weakness. As such, if your kitten or puppy is experiencing pain, it can be challenging to spot it without diagnostic tools. Our team will conduct an extensive wellness exam on your pet to help ensure they aren't beginning life in pain.
  • Saving you money: Owning a kitten or puppy isn't cheap as they require almost as much as a human baby to keep happy and healthy. Emergency and long-term healthcare are among the most significant costs for kittens and puppies. Our wellness exam is aimed at detecting potentially serious health complications in their early stages to avoid costly medical bills.
  • Getting them used to the vet: Visiting the veterinarian can be an intimidating and unfamiliar experience for puppies and kittens. However, by bringing your pet in for their initial exams, you help familiarize them with the sights and smells of our office. Our goal is that with each visit, your pet becomes more relaxed as they know what to expect.

Our New Puppy & Kitten Exam Process

Over the years, we've improved our kitten and puppy wellness exam process to be as comprehensive and effective as possible. Our veterinary team is more than happy to speak with you over the phone or in-person to explain what you can expect. It's important to note that the process depends on your pet's species, as there are some differences depending on whether you have a kitten or puppy. The exam can be broken down into two appointments:

  • First Appointment: When you bring your pet in for their first wellness appointment, our team will begin by conducting an extensive health exam. By looking at the overall condition of your pet's teeth, gums, eyes, fur, and gait, we can spot the signs of health complications. Afterward, our team will administer their initial vaccines, which help boost their immune system and lessen the severity of symptoms if they do contract a virus.
  • Second Appointment: We'll have you bring your pet in for their second visit three weeks after their initial visit. During this appointment, we'll administer kitten and puppy booster vaccines that help reinforce their first set of vaccinations. It can take anywhere from one to four rounds of vaccinations to help fully vaccinate your pet from problems like parvovirus or feline leukemia. Cats and dogs are ideal hosts for parasites, which is why our veterinary team will also give them dewormers. Finally, our veterinary team will conduct a fecal exam, which starts at six weeks of age for dogs and eight weeks of age for cats, and discuss your pet's dietary needs. As a personal touch and to help reduce stress in your pet, we'll send them home with treats.

Bainbridge Kitten and Puppy Wellness Exams

If you're looking for a way to help your new kitten or puppy enjoy a long and healthy life, Bainbridge Animal Hospital is here for you. Our practice is proud to provide comprehensive wellness exams for kittens and puppies.

From providing your pet with vaccinations to going over how to meet their dietary needs, our Bainbridge kitten and puppy wellness exams benefit your pet in numerous ways. You can rest assured our team will treat your pet like family when they walk through our doors. Call or visit our office today to schedule your next appointment!




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